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Opened 1922

Capacity 6,036

Rating: 4.1

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Very large and spacious stadium, good views from all seats, decent pricing and plenty of food and toilet facilities. However apart from the Seymours stand the rest really lack any stunning quality with some showing their age a little. The food was on the pricier side with the cheese hotdog being a little sickly and the loaded chips were also a little disappointing. Not to mention parking on matchday can be hard to come by especially if it's a full house. On site parking is small and the only other nearby car park is that of the local park which too fills up quickly which forces you to pay or face a longer walk from your car to the stadium. However for the base football experience it's very good.
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3 months ago
A fantastic club on the outskirts of London, definitely one to visit if you’re near by. The location of the stadium seems to be in a quiet area of Woking with ample parking, don’t read the site instructions and drive to GU22 7AG. It incorporates a 20 minute walk, when Woking Park car park is literally a 2 minute walk from the stadium! The view of the stadium on approach to the ground is quite basic. But walking down the hill from Woking Car Park, it feels really good! Once inside the stadium, it looked really good for a Non-League ground, with hints of nostalgia at my younger years of visiting old rugby grounds strangely. It still has a clubhouse, and an excellent fan zone where you can sit off for a beer or some food, with a good little club shop tucked away. Fantastic accessibility for toilets and entrance into the stadium for anybody with a disability also! The general public toilets are bog standard porter cabin style toilets, however, they were clean and presentable. The food and drink was nothing short of excellent. There were some excellent choices, pulled pork on chips, there was another thing with a chicken skewer, garlic naan and honestly, drooling in the queue! 100% worth saving yourselves for some scran in the ground. Prices were reasonable, and all sorts of drinks were served. A fantastic representation of football refreshments. Policing and security at the ground was decent. They were dotted around, but it wasn’t overkill for the occasion. No official police officers were on patrol for the event. The atmosphere was a bit quiet, it picked up as the game went on, but generally a poor atmosphere. Maybe because it was a mid-week game. The negatives were few and far between, the particular negatives I picked out was the mis-information on the website for car parking. Also, I didn’t like that the central stand was dedicated to sponsors and directors. As much as I appreciate they own and run the club, every supporter should have an opportunity to view their club from the best seats, which I felt like this stand took away from the supporters. All in all, a great day out, definitely worth going for the food and football, Woking are certainly heading in the right direction.
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8 months ago
Plenty of space for away supporters, whole of one side and part of the stand behind the goal, toilet facilities below average and the food for away fans is diabolical, how they can sell such rubbish I don't understand. Despite that a good ground to visit.
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a month ago
Very much a none league ground. Not much seating and no height to the stands. Very friendly atmosphere, good choice of refreshments
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7 months ago
Such a great place to take the kids. They absolutely loved it. Thanks Woking Football Club. Good win today ⚽️👍🏽👊🏽
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a year ago

History (from Wikipedia)

Kingfield Stadium, also known as Laithwaite Community Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is the home of Woking F.C. in the Kingfield area of WokingSurrey which has a capacity of 6,036 of which 2,500 are seated on grandstands.


The stadium has a number of structures, built at different times during its history.

Leslie Gosden Stand[edit]

The main stand, called the Leslie Gosden Stand, is the tallest structure on the ground. It has entirely covered seating. The stand was built in 1995[3] using financing from Woking Borough Council[3][4] and represented the first of four phases of development.[4]

Other stands[edit]

Opposite the Leslie Gosden Stand is the Kingfield Road End, which is a covered terrace. One side of the ground has two small seated stands and a small open terrace known as "moaners' corner". The other side is a long open terrace, called the Chris Lane Terrace, which is reserved for away fans when a match requires crowd segregation but can be used by anybody when there is no segregation in place. Above the Chris Lane Terrace there is a camera tower where the highlights are filmed from.

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