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Opened 2001

Capacity 32,384

Rating: 4.4

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Decent enough ground for Premiership and Championship football. Bowl shaped stadium. Good size at 33k capacity. Seats are starting to go a bit pink. Stadium has little character, but the atmosphere is alright. Loved the Kingfisher and Thatchers on tap in the concourse. One of the worst grounds I've visited in terms of traffic and getting in and out of the proximity.
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3 months ago
Argyle on tour !! Another 7hr round trip by car because Sky decided we play at 6pm on a Friday in the middle of the Xmas hols !! Fantastic stadium with excellent support from their fans. They have a great team this season. They ran us ragged but we stood proud with 3k away fans for 2nd time in 3 days. Their player budget is 60 million. Ours is 6 million. We went to Brown's pub before the match which was perfect with good real ales. They will go up....but we will see them back the year after !!
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2 months ago
Exploring Southampton FC's St Mary's Stadium on a non-match day was a unique and engaging experience. The absence of the bustling matchday crowd allowed for a more intimate connection with the iconic venue. The architectural grandeur of St Mary's Stadium became more apparent as I wandered through the stands and concourses. The empty seats provided a tranquil backdrop, offering a different perspective on the scale and design of the stadium. The club's rich history was on full display, with memorabilia and exhibits celebrating key moments in Southampton FC's journey. From the meticulously maintained pitch to the well-curated displays, every aspect of the stadium showcased the pride and heritage of the club. Despite it not being a match day, the staff at St Mary's were welcoming and accommodating, eager to share insights into the stadium's features and history. The absence of the usual matchday hustle allowed for a leisurely exploration, fostering a deeper appreciation for the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to the vibrant matchday experience. In summary, visiting St Mary's Stadium on a non-match day offered a unique opportunity to soak in the essence of Southampton FC. Whether you're a dedicated football fan or simply interested in the architecture and history of sports venues, St Mary's stands out as a must-visit destination.
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a month ago
😊 5/5 : I had the pleasure of visiting St. Mary's Stadium in Southampton, and it was an amazing experience. The stadium is modern, clean, and well-maintained. I went to the shop and the staff are friendly, the price is affordable. 😢 4/5 : I recently attended a match at St. Mary's Stadium, and I must say, the food and beverage options were limited and overpriced. However, there is room for improvement to enhance the overall visitor experience at St. Mary's Stadium.
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4 months ago
Went along with my team Walsall fc in the FA Cup. A lovely stadium and friendly stewards on duty. The home fans seem more family oriented. The area lets it down, has it set in an industrial estate with a cramped setting.
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a month ago
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History (from Wikipedia)

Since the 1980s, when Southampton regularly challenged the best sides in the English league (particularly in 1984 when they were league runners-up), there had been talk of the club relocating to a new stadium to replace The Dell due to the old stadium's cramped location which made it unsuitable for major expansion work.

When the 
Taylor Report on 29 January 1990 required all First and Second Division clubs to have all-seater stadiums by August 1994, Southampton's directors initially decided to upgrade The Dell into an all-seater stadium (which was completed in 1993) but speculation about relocation continued, especially as an all-seater Dell had a capacity of just over 15,000; despite this, Southampton continued to defy the odds and survive in the new FA Premier League after 1992.

After a lengthy and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to build a new 25,000-seater stadium and leisure complex at 
Stoneham, on the outskirts of Southampton, the city council offered the club the chance to build a new ground on the disused gas work site in the heart of the city, about one and half miles from The Dell.

The move was cited as the club returning home, because the club was formed by members of the nearby 
St. Mary's Church, as the football team of St. Mary's Church Young Men's Association before becoming Southampton St. Mary's F.C., and eventually Southampton F.C.

Construction started in December 1999 and was completed at the end of July 2001, with work on the stadium itself and improvements to local infrastructure cost a total of £32 million.

The Saints have been in residence since August 2001 when they moved from 
The Dell, which for the final years of its life, held just over 15,000 spectators – less than half the size of the new stadium. The first match was played on 1 August 2001 against RCD Espanyol, with the Spanish side winning 4–3.

The first competitive hat trick at the stadium was scored by 
Stafford Browne for Aldershot Town in a 3–1 victory over Havant & Waterlooville in the Hampshire Senior Cup final on 1 May 2002.[2]

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