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Opened 1957

Capacity 5,192

Rating: 4.3

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My flying visit to the Silverlake Stadium, home of Eastleigh Football Club, offered a brief yet intriguing glimpse into the heart of the club. Even without a match on, the stadium exuded a quiet charm and a sense of anticipation for the excitement that unfolds on matchdays. Nestled amidst the serene surroundings, the Silverlake Stadium boasts a modest yet inviting presence. Its unassuming exterior belies the passion and energy that reverberate within its walls during matchdays, offering a serene backdrop for football enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Exploring the empty stands and wandering through the concourses provided a unique perspective on the stadium's layout and design. From the pitchside views to the meticulously maintained grounds, every aspect spoke volumes about the club's dedication to its home ground. While the absence of a live match may have deprived me of the electric atmosphere that fills the stadium on game days, my flying visit allowed me to appreciate the Silverlake Stadium's significance beyond the roar of the crowd. It's a place where memories are made, victories celebrated, and the spirit of football thrives. In summary, my brief visit to the Silverlake Stadium was a fleeting yet enlightening experience. Even without the hustle and bustle of a matchday, the stadium's aura and the promise of excitement lingered in the air, leaving a lasting impression of Eastleigh Football Club's home ground.
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3 weeks ago
Love taking the boys down there. Cheap tickets and some great football. Lovely ground to. Doing Hospitality I'm December
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3 months ago
Small stadium where local football team plays game in Nonleague level. Good atmosphere. Lots of parking spaces around the stadium so no problem to park car just before kick off. On site also bar and shop with memorables
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a year ago
Attended yesterday’s game as a ‘living locally’ Wrexham supporter. Excellent 👌 website for ordering electronic tickets 🎫. Everyone very friendly and helpful. Grateful to be admitted (with local Eastleigh supporter) into the players bar. Splendid Guinness. I parked at the Concorde Club for a £5 ✅. Thanks all.
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a year ago
Amazing place to watch some great non league football. Season tickets are are amazingly priced so the whole family can go which is a right bonus. Corporate day is well worth a treat for the extra experience.
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4 years ago
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History (from Wikipedia)

Eastleigh moved to Ten Acres in 1957 from their previous ground Walnut Avenue. In 1976 floodlights were installed.
In 2004, following promotion to the 
Isthmian League, the old wooden stand was knocked down and a new 352-seat grandstand was built on the halfway line, stretching for just under a third of the pitch. Behind the motorway end hard standing was hard standing with a cover, this was named the Silverlake Stand. In 2006, the roof was widened across the Silverlake Stand to cover the whole width of the pitch.

Until 2006, the area opposite the grandstand was just hard standing backing into a tall fir trees. During the summer of 2006, a metal back and roof were added, along with an electronic scoreboard on the roof which was the Premier Telecom stand.

In 2009, 150 seats were added to the middle of the Silverlake Stand to give Eastleigh the necessary ground grading to compete in the Conference South playoffs.

On 20 December 2012, concerning the situation regarding the stadium, the club announced that an offer had previously been made to the board at ‘Ten Acre Holdings’ (the current owners). Following discussions the board of Ten Acre Holdings felt that they were willing to accept the offer presented to them as long as the remaining shareholders also felt a desire to sell the ground at this stage. On this basis a full shareholders meeting was called and the outcome was that a clear large majority were in favour of accepting the offer and that the sale of the freehold should progress.

Ten Acre Holdings had been set up to safeguard the club and enable it to get back on a sound financial footing, which it has achieved over recent years. The proposed purchase was intended to provide the football club with the strongest possible opportunity to continue its progression.

The ground was, again, extensively redeveloped during 2014. New pitch side fencing was installed following damage to the previous fencing during Eastleighs championship winning game against Basingstoke. The former East stand at 
Sandy Park (home of Exeter chiefs RFC) was rebuilt along the premier telecom side of the ground as well as behind the clubhouse goal providing a covered terraced accommodation for 2,000 spectators. On 2 December 2014, the newly completed 2,290-seater South Stand was opened for the first time in a Conference Premier game against Dartford with the club allowing spectators in for free to celebrate the occasion.[3] The Mackoy Community Stand was officially opened on 28 February 2015 with a club and stadium record attendance of 4,126 for a conference premier match against Macclesfield, a live match on BT sport that Eastleigh won 4–0.

The attendance record was broken a year later when 5,025 watched the club's FA Cup third round match against Bolton.

During 2016–17 season work began on a double story building behind the goal to allow for Eastlegh FC to cater for its increased fanbase.

The stand behind the clubhouse goal has been affectionately named the "shed end" and is where most vocal home fans congregate.

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