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Lovely people and great pub inside the stadium. We will be back.
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4 months ago
Our first visit to Dundee Fc. We travelled up for a Tuesday evening game. Dundee FC are situated across the road from their great rivals DUFC, this was probably a good idea during the 50s when large numbers of workers would attend, making 2 clubs financially viable. Unfortunately the times have changed, and I ken this won't go down well, but if both clubs united as one, with one modern stadium, great training facilities and a huge reduction in costs... The stadium is a mixture of older 70s era stands that used to be terraced and 2 newer stands at the goals. The older stands are nice to see in a nostalgic way. The pitch isn't the best but could be worse. The away stand was served by a fairly small food counter, though wasn't too long a wait. Food was ok. Supporters are not allowed out for a smoke, which is silly but seems to be becoming the 'norm'. This isn't a good thing. Overall was a disappointing result for us, though it was a nice drive to Dundee. Good luck for the next season. 3/5 🖖
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a year ago
Was my first away game in donkeys years, since school actually. Lol 🤣🤣 Loved every minute of it. 👍❤️ xx
Took my son to see his first game at Dundee FC he loved it and wants to go again unfortunately I'm a Celtic supporter lol but my son wants to support his local team which is fair enough
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a year ago
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History (from Wikipedia)

Dundee moved to "Dens" from their first stadium at Carolina Port in 1899.

Following Dundee's successful league campaign during the 1998–99 season, Dens park had to be redeveloped to adhere to the new 
Scottish Premier League seat-capacity guidelines. Dundee were therefore required to redevelop the East and West terraces. Barr Stadium Construction were charged with the task of removing the existing concrete terraces and the construction of two 3,000-seat stands. The stands were built in a record time of 82 days for the start of the 1999–00 season. The two near-identical single-tier Bobby Cox and Bob Shankly Stands sit at either end of the ground. The former usually houses home supporters while the latter houses the away supporters. A new Club Shop and ticket office were also built. Dens Park was the first stadium in Dundee to have its floodlights upgraded in the twenty-first century. Undersoil heating was installed in 2005.

Dens Park has hosted two 
Scottish League Cup finals and, on 25 November 2007, hosted its first Scottish Challenge Cup final. Dens also has the distinction of being one of only two stadia within Dundee to have held full Scottish Internationals, having held the event thrice. The other Dundee ground to have held an international was Carolina Port. Dens Park was named best pitch in Division 1 in 2008. The record attendance at Dens Park is 43,024, which was set in 1953 when Dundee played host to Rangers in the Scottish Cup.

Also in 2007, Dens Park along with 
McDiarmid Park in Perth, hosted group 4 UEFA European Under-19 Championship Elite Round games. ScotlandPortugalTurkey and Georgia faced off against each other in April between the 23rd and 28th in a bid to qualify for 2007 UEFA European Under-19 Championship. Dundee's own Kevin McDonald played in Scotland's campaign which attracted the Dundee crowd. A few of the youngsters that played in these games went on to become big names in football including: Fábio CoentrãoRui PatrícioDaniel CarriçoRoss McCormack and Onur Kıvrak. Portugal won with seven points (two wins and one draw against Georgia) the group so advanced to the finals.


In 2002, plans were drawn up for a new stadium to be built in the city as part of Scotland's bid to host the 2008 European Football Championship. This stadium would have been shared by Dundee and near-neighbours Dundee United, which would have required the two to leave their historic grounds at Dens Park and Tannadice Stadium respectively. The stadium was planned for construction on a new site at Caird Park. Scotland was not successful in their bid, however, and so these plans were postponed. They could be resurrected should Scotland launch a successful bid for future European Championships. Both clubs strongly oppose a ground sharing agreement but were interested in a new ground sharing arrangement that would have taken place if Ukraine and Poland had failed to meet UEFA's expectations for hosting Euro 2012.[4]

In late 2007, Dundee announced plans to sell much of the land south of the pitch to a real-estate developer. As part of the plans, new flats/houses would be constructed on the presently unused portion of the land and a new southern stand would be freely constructed alongside the pitch. This would significantly increase the capacity of the stadium and would upgrade facilities at the club. In early 2008, Dundee's Chief Executive Officer Dave MacKinnon announced that the club should have "positive news" regarding the project. However, nothing more was heard on the matter and at present there are no plans to make any changes to the ground.

In May 2009, it was reported that the stadium is owned by local businessman John Bennett who, despite having invested heavily in Dundee, has rejoined the Dundee United board, where he had previously been a director until September 2008.

In October 2014, Dundee Supporter's Society announced they have put forward plans to then club Chairman, Bill Colvin which may allow the club to buy back the stadium from current owner John Bennett. They also expressed, this was not a plan to enable the Supporter's Society to own the Stadium but for the club themselves, they said they will "simply administer the scheme".

In April 2015, Colvin announced that negotiations were taking place to buy back the Stadium from current owner John Bennett and his company Sandeman Holdings.

In August 2016, club owners John Nelms and Tim Keyes were reported to have bought land in the Camperdown area of Dundee, next to the city's Ice Arena.
[7] It was then made clear in February 2017 that the plan for this land was to develop a new stadium for the club due to the increasing maintenance costs of Dens Park, although plans for a move were described by Nelms as being "early doors" in a video interview published on the club's website.[8] Documents related to the proposed new stadium were submitted in August 2017, ahead of a formal planning application.[9]

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