1. Cheltenham Town Football Club is an English professional football club based in the town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The club was founded in 1887, and has played its home games at Whaddon Road Stadium since 1932.

2. The club's nickname is "The Robins", which is a reference to the club's red and white striped home kit, resembling the breast of a robin.

3. Fellow Gloucestershire club Forest Green Rovers are their main rivals. Other rivals include Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Swindon Town and Oxford United.

4. Cheltenham have had success in recent years they were promoted as Champions of League Two in 2020-21. They were also promoted as play-off winners to League One in 2002 and 2006.

5. Cheltenham won promotion to the Football League for the first time in 1998-99 by winning the Conference title under manager Steve Cotterill.

Home of Cheltenham Town FC

Opened 1927

Capacity 7,066

Rating: 4.2

(529) Google Reviews

Don't look at the bouncers, sorry stewards, the wrong way. That's slightly unfair, because the meet and greet staff outside, before the match are alright, I might go so far as to say decent human beings. Don't expect a drink inside, in fact don't expect a drink after leaving the town centre, unless you visit the newsagents/off license, on the corner, before they sell out... In which case you obviously didn't go into town. Hope and pray that your team don't score, or, if they do, don't celebrate, because suddenly hundreds of meatheads, who tell everyone in earshot that they don't even like football, suddenly appear from the far corner to restore obeisance... I used to think that Pride Park was what fascism looked like, in action, and still do, but I've now witnessed a worse example. If you're heading for the home end, in the interest of fairness, it's the polar opposite, and a good day out...
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6 months ago
A lovely stadium with some very nice staff. Also, a top quality view from the press box. A hidden gem in the West Country.
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10 months ago
Absolutely bloomin clear of any stadium I have visited in the United Kingdom. Being a local Cheltenham Fan, this place is like a second home. We may not be the largest club in the world, but the passion and scenes this stadium creates should not be underestimated. The ground is perfect, the grass is grown to League 1 perfection, and our beautiful Cheltenham Town will shock the world this season. If you visit the Suzuki Stadium, please be as loud as you can and cheer at the top of your lungs, we need the support more than ever. Comparing to Anfield: When I visited Anfield for the first time, I was in complete shock. Its renowned all over Europe and even globally as the best stadium in the world, making noise and helping Liverpool rarely lose any home games over the past 5 years (2 lost). You'd think that comparing Anfield to the completely Suzuki stadium would be a p*ss take, but in reality Suzuki is clear. The chants, the food, the passion and the fan to stadium ratio is just perfect. Music that plays is beautiful, and parking is easy. Straight down the road from the local Weatherspoon, so after the game its so easy to grab a pint and a snack, whereas the walk out and into Anfield is packed with people at basically all times, and the nearest shop is fish and chips which is often closed or full after the game. Suzuki stadium is the best stadium in the world. We've hosted massive clubs like Man City, and as a team grown so much together at this wonderful ground. Growing up I knew the place as "Wadden Road" but due to our recent sponsorship, our new name completes the passion this stadium holds.
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2 months ago
Late goal led to cheltenham winning. Long drive for a shed of a ground really. Nice fans tho, cept the ones who banged on our window and said, Long way back to Bolton boys and gave us the Vs🤣
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3 months ago
Great ground. Excellent facilities and everyone was incredibly friendly.
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8 months ago
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History (from Wikipedia)

The stadium, on the site of what was the Berkeley Hunt kennels, was built by the Cheltenham Original Brewery in 1927 and has been the home of Cheltenham Town since 1932, although it did not host senior football for 67 years. Cheltenham marked their 70th anniversary at the stadium by winning promotion to the Football League Second Division, the third tier of English football, for the first time.
The record attendance is 8,326, at a game versus 
ReadingFA Cup 1st Round, 17 November 1956. Whaddon Road was the smallest League One stadium in the 2007-08 and 2008-09 season.


The ground is made up of 4 stands:

  • Hazlewoods Stand (Whaddon Road) - capacity 1,100. An all-seated stand behind one of the goals, initially named the Carlsberg Stand, it was opened in 2005 and is designated for away fans. For the 2009-10 season it was given to home supporters, but after one season it was returned to away fans.
  • Colin Farmer Stand (Wymans Road) - capacity 2,034. An all-seated stand that runs down one side of the pitch. The stand was opened in November 2001 and is home to the vocal "1887 Red Army" supporters, who are situated in block 7, as well as the Family Section in Block 1. For big games, two sections of the stand are given to away supporters. It was renamed the Colin Farmer Stand at the beginning of the 2016-17 season, in memory of Colin Farmer, a club legend.
  • Speedy Skips Stand (Prestbury Road End) - capacity about 2,100. Given a roof in 2000-01, this is now a covered terrace and is the home standing end.
  • Autovillage Stand (Main Stand) - capacity about 1,800. Built in 1963, it is a mixture of terracing (Tunnel and Paddock enclosures) at the front and seating at the back. The Main Stand runs down one side of the pitch, but is unusual in that it does not stretch the full length of the touchline and does not reach either corner flag. It contains the players dressing rooms, and hospitality, directors' and press boxes.

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