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updated August 2022

Football forums and facebook groups

One of the aims of the website is to provide up to date links to the most popular fans forums and facebook groups. The key words being 'most popular' as there's no point in linking to deserted forums or groups where no one posts.

We try to keep these as up to date as possible and would encourage anyone to contact us via @footballforums1 if a link isn't working or you want to suggest a link.

Search engines like Google are very good at picking up traditional football forums but not so good at finding football facebook groups especially when they're private. Google will rank a deserted forum higher than a busy facebook group under regular search terms simply because it can't see the private facebook group even if it's got many members and regular posters.

We've searched for the football groups via Facebook when looking to include them. Hopefully this means you get the most relevant forums / groups. There are some clubs (Yeovil Town for example) that have no traditional forums only facebook groups.

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Social media

Social media is a great way of connecting football clubs with fans. You could easily make a case that a club's social media channels are more important than it's official website.

However with so much choice out there (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more) it can be overwhelming.

You can follow your club by twitter, facebook etc but if you've ever tried following more than one club on social media you'll know you'll get almost non-stop 24 hour notifications.

This website features 294 football clubs across 15 leagues complete with their social media channels. There's no need to 'follow' any of them in order to keep up to date.

This is especially useful if you want to check out the opposition. You get a great overview of any football club when you can see their twitter, facebook, YouTube and league table position all on one simple page. Sure, you could go directly to their twitter but news moves so fast on there important things can quickly get buried.

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Football grounds, fan reviews and history

Part of the website that has grown a lot over the last year is the ground section at the bottom of each page.

Here you'll find ground information on every club from Aston Villa in the Premier League to Margate FC in tier 7 Isthmian League.

Same with the Scottish Leagues there's ground information for every club from Aberdeen in the Premiership to Stirling Albion in League Two.

Each page now has 2 ground maps, the first is a satellite close up view and the second is a terrain map zoomed slightly further out showing all the surrounding roads.

There's also Google Reviews, ground information and ground history from Wikipedia.

The Google Reviews are the five most useful. This is decided by Google and updated every week so they will always be up to date.

A weather forecast for each ground will be added in the future. Finally there are Yelp reviews at the bottom of each page showing things to do nearby. These may be changed to Google Reviews in the future.

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